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Intertech with its head office at 108.Latif Plaza.103.Ferozepur Road, Lahore Pakistanwas established during May- 1991, as a local trade house for the marketing of the products noted below and many others , against various tender inquiries from various Governmental and non-governmental organizations. Intertech is mainly involved in transformers and equipment & materials related to transformer industries i.e. Electrical Test & Measure instruments .inc. insulation testers

Our Mission

 CTs/PTs              Make by M/s Jingjiang Zhicheng metrologic  22  Units   
AC Power Analyzers-                         Make by M/s Newtons4th Ltd                             2 Units
Sweep Frequency Analyzer-               Make by M/s Newtons4th Ltd                            2 Units
Core loss Test set                                Make by M/s. Soken Electric Co.Japan              12 Units.
C & DF Test Set (Model AMS-7)      Make by M/s. Soken Electric Co.Japan               4 Units.
Ratio Meter Model No. PWR1-3B    Make  by SCHUETZ MESSTECHNIK GMBH,  4 Units.
Transformer oil purification Plant     Make by M/s GLOBECORE UKRAINE            1 Unit.
Earth Resistance Test set                    Make by  M/s Sonel Poland                                 2 Units
Clip On Current Transformer            Make by  M/s Sonel Poland      4 Units
Digital Low Resistance ohm               Make by  M/s Sonel Poland                                 2 Units
Clip On Ammeter /Voltmeter             Make by M/s Holdpeak China                           10 Units
AC Power Analyzers -                         Make by M/s. LEM Norma   Austria.                10 Units  
Insulation Testers                               Make by M/s. LEM Norma    Austria.             150 Units
Motor Generator Test Sets                  Make by M/s. Hitzinger Austria.                       4 Units 
Frequency converters                          Make by M/s Hitzinger   Austria.                        6 Units
Transformer oil treatment plants       Make by M/s Fluidex Engg. S.Africa.                 2 Units
Spare parts for oil treatment plan      Make by M/s. Fluidex Engg.                                  Lot
Transformer Oil Regeneration Plants  Make by M/s.Fluidex Engg.                              2 Mobile units.
250 KVA No break Generator             Make byM/s. Hitzinger Austria.                        2   Unit
Chlorinators for CDA Islamabd.          Make. M/s. Modern Process Inc. USA.        1    Unit.
400 Hz Alternators                              Make Hitzinger Austria.                                     6 Units.
High Voltage test set                          Make M/s.Phenix Technologies USA                 1  Unit
insulation tester                                   Make DUOYI™ electronic Co., Ltd.                74 Units
Gas detectors                                       Make DUOYI™ electronic Co., Ltd                 2 Units
Meter Test Bench
( measuring positions 8)   Make Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co.,Ltd            1 Unit
UPS and Power supply                        Make
Guangdong East Power Co.,Ltd      110 Units
Dehydration Plant  4,000 Liters/h      Make Globecore Ukraine     3  Units  
Dehydration Plant 10,000 Liters/h     Make Globecore Ukraine                                        1Unit
50kV High-voltage test                      Make M/s Jingjiang Zhicheng metrologic       1 Unit 

Digital Epstein Tester VET-1608         Make M/s Veer Electronics                                      1 Unit

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