AC Power Analyzers – made by M/s. LEM Norma   Austria. 10 units

Insulation Testers – made by M/s. LEM Norma    Austria. 150  units

Motor Generator Test Sets – made by M/s. Hitzinger Austria. 4  units

Frequency converters – made by M/s Hitzinger   Austria. 6  units

Transformer oil treatment plants – made by M/s Fluidex Engg. S.Africa. 2  units

Transformer Oil Regeneration Plants made by M/s Fluidex Engg. S.Africa 2 Mobile units.

Core loss Test set – made by M/s. Soken Electric Co.Japan 10  Unit

250 KVA No break Generator – made by M/s. Hitzinger Austria. 2  Unit

Chlorinators for CDA Islamabad – Make. M/s. Modern Process Inc. USA. 1  Unit

400 Hz Alternators for Bangladesh Airforce – Make Hitzinger Austria. 6  Unit

300 VK High Voltage test set – Make M/s.Phenix Technologies USA 1  Unit

CTs/PTs  Jingjiang Zhicheng Metrologic  Instrument Co. Ltd 21 Unit

AC Power Analyzers – Newtons4th Ltd 3 Unit

Insulation Tester – DUOYI™ electronic Co. Ltd 74 Unit

Gas detectors – DUOYI™ electronic Co. Ltd 2 Unit

Meter Test Bench  Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co. Ltd 1 Unit

(measuring positions 8)

UPS and Power supply – Guangdong East Power Co. Ltd 110 Unit

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